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Enlightenment comes to the prepared mind.

How are you preparing yourself?

Have you embraced the new media revolution that is washing over us like a tidal wave — obliterating our traditional notions of how to communicate?

L-R John, Vickie, Peter Van Ness
 L-R: John, Vickie & Peter
 Van Ness on the auditorium
 stage, MECC Congress Centre
 Maastricht, NL October 2002

New Media Innovation

Anyone who remains calm amidst all the confusion simply doesn't understand the situation.

Are you calmly letting new media
opportunities pass you by?

More swiftly and profoundly than television did 50 years ago, new media are revolutionizing the way we live, work and play by changing, forever, the way we interact with one another.

At Van Ness Group, we ride the wave of this revolution every day and while it shows in our work, we are not at all calm. Indeed, we feel exhilaration swell within as we build on extraordinary ideas, conceived by fascinating people, to produce exquisite, powerful results. Check out our work and see what we've done for others.

We'll help you embrace new media so you can build an exciting, holistic place for people to gather and experience the revolution firsthand. Consequently, you can expect what our clients brag about:

  • Increased sales and customer satisfaction
  • A more productive organization
  • Substantial cost savings

Internationally Recognized Experts in New Media
When you undertake any development project, you'd like to have experts help assure your success. The problem with New Media development is that there are so many fields of expertise required (technology, design, video, music, sound, writing, marketing, etc.) that it's hard to find the right mix of talent.

Van Ness Group offers people with expertise in all of these areas. Many of us are internationally recognized experts, invited to speak on a number of topics, including user interface design, dynamic database Web applications, Web marketing and how to be a successful entrepreneur. (more)

Are We Having Fun Yet?
Successful new media ventures demand a lot of hard work. They're also loads of fun — and while we have a great time innovating, you get to see all these benefits fall directly to your bottom line, providing you with substantial and very swift return on investment (ROI).

If this adventure sounds inviting, contact us now. We would love to have an initial dialogue with you about your company, your employees, your products, your customers — what ever you feel is vital to your organization.

We'll explore ways that will help you harness the power of new media for the benefit of all your stakeholders.

In 1998, our CEO, Peter Van Ness, predicted that within 5 years time every business would either have a Web site or wish they did. People snickered

Predictions for the future of the Internet
Once his predictions came to pass and the Internet became a fact of life, Peter was asked by the Pew Internet & American Life Project to be part of an elite group of Internet experts and share his predictions for the future of the Internet itself. (more)

After 10 years of accurate predictions, Peter was asked to participate in Pew's latest survey, the results were published on December 14, 2008.
Future of the Internet III