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All the world's a stage

How do you feel on this new stage that plays at the speed of light?

We'll make you comfortable and confident that you and all your stakeholders are getting the most from new media.

People and their Stories

Source of OurInspiration

We are inspired by watching the miracle of New Media unfold before our very eyes into one of the most profound communication revolutions in our history. From the dawn of language to the alphabet, the printing press, radio, telephone, television — and now the Internet and Social Media, we humans continue our struggle to communicate with one another.

While we find these new media engaging to work with, sometimes infuriating, but never dull, our greatest inspiration comes from the extraordinary people we encounter — those who came before us, those with whom we work, our clients and our partners.

Van Ness GroupSenior Management

Peter W. Van Ness
President and CEO
Founded in 1998, Van Ness Group, Inc. is the third technology-related venture for entrepreneur Peter Van Ness. Since he founded Personal Computer Solutions in 1983, Peter has been helping people grow their businesses and realize the benefits new technologies.

During the 1980s, Personal Computer Solutions built state-of-the-art database systems for a wide variety of corporations and institutions, including Benjamin Thompson and Associates, National Association of Social Workers (Van Ness Group built their first Web site 15 years later), Kenner Parker Toys and Kaiser Engineers (working on the Red and Orange Line extensions and the Ted Williams Tunnel project in Boston).

During the 1990s, Peter co-founded StockPlan, Inc. and grew it from a tiny software startup into the largest independent provider of stock plan management services worldwide. While at StockPlan, Peter and his team discovered the power of the Web and built the first systems for employees to exercise and sell their stock options over the Internet. According to Rodger Mastako, inventor of OptionsLink (now part of E*Trade), "Peter invented financial services Web processing."

In 1997, StockPlan was purchased by American Stock Transfer and Trust Company in New York City and Peter served as President of the newly formed AST StockPlan for one year. Salomon Smith Barney (a division of Citigroup) purchased AST StockPlan in August 2000.

In 2000, Peter co-founded MyStockOptions.com, winner of numerous awards and the Web's most comprehensive, respected, and frequently visited resource on stock compensation for employees and executives.

An internationally recognized expert on the Internet, Web marketing and promotion, Peter was one of an elite group of experts asked by the Pew Internet & American Life Project to comment on the evolution of the Internet and to make predictions for its Future. Peter has also spoken at conferences in the US and Europe (read one of his papers here).

In 2007, the Massachusetts State senate recognized Peter Van Ness with an official citation commending his work producing Celebrate Gloucester and promoting the grand opening festival for the city's first cruise ship terminal on May 25, 2007 see photo.

Peter co-founded gimmesound.com, a new music discovery site, which launched in April 2009 and supports thousands of independent artists worldwide. GIMMESOUND.COM offers local online advertising at a fraction of the cost of most local Web sites (e.g., Yelp and Citysearch).

Peter served on the board of the Society for the Encouragement of the Arts for two years and was a founding member of the Gloucester Community Arts Charter School Board of Trustees.

In 1996 Peter was a founding member of the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals.

In 1984 Peter was elected to the first Boston Computer Society Member Services Council and served on its steering committee for two years.

Vickie S. Van Ness
Chief Media Officer and CFO
Vickie's expertise in developing powerful, flexible, user-friendly interfaces empowers Van Ness Group to create exceptionally intuitive systems, perfectly suited to the specific needs of our clients and their users.

Vickie grew up in the construction business and, in 1987, began her career in corporate finance. For nearly 20 years, she specialized in integrating information technology into HR and Finance departments.

At StockPlan, Inc., in Silicon Valley, she pioneered the first web-based systems integrating stock trading with stock benefit plans. Working with E*Trade OptionsLink and NDB NetLink (now part of Ameritrade Plus) Vickie managed two ground breaking projects that, for the first time, allowed employees to enroll electronically in employee stock purchase plans and exercise and sell employee stock options in a completely paperless environment.

As a senior, international client manager at StockPlan, Vickie served major industry leaders, such as Yahoo!, Dell, Amdahl, Business Objects, JD Edwards, Newport Corporation and The Hartford.

Vickie is an internationally published author and speaker on User Interface Design and Women in Technology (see one of her papers on the subject here).

In 2006 and 2007, Vickie drew on her roots in the construction business to serve as the owner’s representative for the construction of Cruiseport Gloucester, the first cruise ship terminal in the city of Gloucester, Massachusetts.

In 2008 Vickie co-founded gimmesound.com, which launched in April 2009.

Vickie serves on the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and is a founder of the Gloucester Community Arts Charter School.

How We CanHelp You

Since 1998, Van Ness Group, Inc. has been helping people embrace new technologies in order to build a more productive and profitable organization, while creating a healthier work environment.

Check out our Holistic Approach to Highly Successful Projects and see what we're up to now. Or see a more in-depth discussion of our work. Or, better yet, participate in this New Media Revolution by contacting us now. Tell —or show— us your source of inspiration and how your life is being transformed by this new media revolution.

In 1998, our CEO, Peter Van Ness, predicted that within 5 years time every business would either have a Web site or wish they did. People snickered

Predictions for the future of the Internet
Once his predictions came to pass and the Internet became a fact of life, Peter was asked by the Pew Internet & American Life Project to be part of an elite group of Internet experts and share his predictions for the future of the Internet itself. (more)

After 10 years of accurate predictions, Peter was asked to participate in two more Pew surveys.
See 2004 predictions here.
See 2008 predictions here.