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What is a Web Application and
how does it differ from software?

Web applications are the new software. The main difference between Web applications and traditional software is that users access Web applications via the Internet using a browser just like the one you're using now to read this page. There is nothing to install or maintain on your part, whatsoever and users have secure 24/7/365 access the system from anywhere on Earth with an Internet connection.

We understand that you are looking to automate business processes, but you don't want to purchase and maintain twentieth-century-style software on expensive equipment, all of which will be out of date before it's installed. And we can help.

Here's an Example You Can See In Action Now Premier Travel Web Site
In June of 2005, we launched the new version of Cape Ann Vacations, which has become the premier travel Web site for Cape Ann Massachusetts. In a matter of minutes, the site's powerful and easy to use tools help busy people plan vacations perfectly suited to their particular tastes.

This Web site is so successful that we were asked by the Rockport Chamber of Commerce to do the same for them. In August 2006, we launched the completely overhauled Rockport USA, a new travel guide for Rockport MA.

When you visit Cape Ann Vacations or Rockport USA, you only see the tip of the iceberg. Driving each Web sites is a Web application developed by Van Ness Group that also tracks membership, events, festivals, advertisements and breaking news.

The Web sites and accompanying Web applications replaced several legacy systems previously maintained on in-house servers. Today, using one intuitive Web-based interface, Chamber staff have total, instantaneous control over visuals, content, advertising and membership information, thereby dramatically reducing errors, overhead and technology costs.

If you would like to inquire about integrating our new Web-based membership and travel system into your Web site, contact us now and we'll set up a time for a private demonstration.

Decades of Experience Building Custom Software
Most of our developers have been building software since before PCs were invented and we see a new trend. We believe that by the end of this decade, the software business as we knew it in the 20th century will no longer exist.

Soon you will see your computer as just another device used to get on the Web (along with your phone and PDA, which may have merged into one device by then too).

Challenge Our Predictions
If you disagree, read the paper that Peter Van Ness presented at Maastricht for the 3rd annual conference of the Association of Internet Researchers in October 2002, then contact us and let us know what you think.

Lower Risk / Higher Reward
Rather than being locked into twentieth-century-style software, we will build a custom Web application for you that is powerful, flexible, easy to learn and use, inexpensive to modify -- and best of all -- integrated into your existing systems where ever possible.

We create using a phased approach that saves you time and cash in the short term, often pays for itself by within the first year and contributes to your bottom line every year thereafter.

Web Applications for Fortune 100 Companies
Since 1998, we've written several large, custom Web applications for private use by some of the worlds largest companies, including GE Aircraft Engines and Cardinal Health.

Last year, we launched Team Support System, our first public Web application used by outsourcing customers and service contractors to enhance quality control, productivity and communication.

Whether we build a new Web application for you or customize Team Support System to meet your specific needs, you will become more productive in far less time and for less money than with any other solution.

Contact us now and we'll show you some of what we've done for others and explore together what we can do for you.

"Team Support System allows us to maintain a higher level of service at a lower cost. Plus, we can now enforce Service Level Agreements at all our locations."

Whale Watching North of Boston
Award winning Yankee Fleet, (New England's most respected whale watching and deep sea fishing company) increased sales while cutting their advertising budget by 2/3 as a direct result of their Web site, Web Promotion Campaign and Integrated Web Application — all developed by Van Ness Group.