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One Touch Shopping E-Commerce Solution
 complete eCommerce services 
for merchants of all sizes 

    Why Customers Prefer One Touch Shopping™
  • One step checkout process for registered customers
  • One page registration for new customers
  • Maintain private guest list
  • Select items for anyone on Guest List with just one click
  • Ship to many people with one order
  • Pending orders show on every page (complete with shipping info)
  • Enter Billing & Shipping info only once (minimal info required)
    Why Merchants Prefer One Touch Shopping™
  • Converts more new visitors into customers
  • Higher average order and lower abandonment rates
  • Customers return more often
  • Fewer Support Calls
  • Small initial investment and lower bank fees
  • Shopping is fully integrated into a custom Web site
  • Full-featured Content Management gives you complete control over Products, Photos, Shipping, On-Line Help, Content Rich Pages -- even the Menu System

On your search for e-commerce solutions, you've encountered a dizzying array of possibilities. How can we help? Let's begin by clarifying the circumstances to which One Touch Shopping™ is best suited.

One Touch Shopping™ is ideal for merchants who need Shopping and Checkout fully integrated with an attractive Web site, but don't want to spend lots of cash or time up-front. Here are two examples of One Touch Shopping™ used by merchants who couldn't be more different from each other:

For a low-risk initial investment, One Touch Shopping™ offers you very quick time to market, excellent personalized support and reasonable monthly fees.

One Touch Shopping™ will help increase sales and lower costs, particularly for merchants selling new-luxury products and/or services (see this article on new-luxury from Harvard Business School).

Full-Service Solution
Because Van Ness Group, Inc. is a full-service Web development company, we offer more than just an e-commerce solution. We will design (or re-design) your Web site specifically to attract the customers you seek, promote your Web site to those customers and help you set up everything you need to begin taking orders over the Web.

Building and promoting an e-commerce Web site that captures your customers requires the exact combination of technological, design and marketing expertise found at Van Ness Group.

Our senior management are internationally recognized experts, especially in the areas of Internet development and user interface design. (more)

(See the paper that Vickie Van Ness presented at Maastricht for the 3rd annual conference of the Association of Internet Researchers in October 2002.)

No Hardware or Software Required
One Touch Shopping™ is not software -- it's a complete e-commerce service. There is nothing to install or maintain on your part, whatsoever.

You don't need expensive servers and you'll never worry about whether your Web site is up. We take care of all that. For secure, 24/7/365 access to our easy-to-use administration system, all you need is the browser you are using right now to read this page.

See One Touch Shopping™ in Action Now
Check out the Web sites we built for Tim Peters Photography and Nantucket Chocolatier. Notice how each site reflects the look of our client and how easy it is to open an account, create a private guest list, select items for multiple people, place orders and check out.

Highly Intuitive and Flexible User Interface
Best of all, you can do these things in any order you like. Some people go right to the Guest List and put in all the people they want to ship to. Others just start selecting items and worry about that later.

Because neither Web developers nor merchants can ever know exactly how each prospective customer will approach the shopping experience, One Touch Shopping™ accommodates many styles of shoppers -- and is intuitive for all.

Beyond the "Shopping Cart"
There's no need ever to leave the product pages and go to a separate "shopping cart" with a "continue shopping" button because your pending orders are always visible.

After selecting a product, One Touch Shopping™ doesn't take you to some never-never land of forms. It simply reloads the same page you were on with your updated order showing neatly on the right. Users can even see (and change dynamically) the shipping options for each destination along with the associated shipping cost.

How We Increase Average Order Size
Try going back to the site after leaving an order unfinished. Notice how it remembers who you are along with your pending orders, providing a constant reminder that you really do want to make a purchase, don't you?

See if you can find the several other subtle (and not-so-subtle) methods we employ to convert site visitors into customers and increase the average order size.

Complete Control over Products and Content
Seasons change -- and so do the special, seasonal and holiday products your customers are looking for. Using One Touch Shopping™ along with our dynamic content management system we call The Publisher, our clients have complete control over the products, photos and descriptions on their Home Page and all gift and product pages.

They can even control their menu systems -- all through a highly intuitive, secure Web interface requiring nothing more than the same browser you are using now to view this page.

On the Web, Content is King
Content rich pages drive traffic to your site. For example, check out Nantucket Chocolatier's content rich pages (Chocolate Legends and Lore), all of which are also under their control, giving them the power to respond instantly to new reviews, special events and breaking news.

Compete with the Largest Companies in Your Market
One Touch Shopping™ and The Publisher give you the power to maintain a Web presence that rivals your largest competitor for a tiny fraction of their cost.

If you'd like your own custom built e-commerce Web site that works as well as this, call us now (978.525.9093) or use our convenient on-line form.

We'd love to show you how easy it is to add and edit products and content rich pages -- and how quickly we can create a Web presence that dramatically improves your bottom line.

Whale Watching North of Boston
"One Touch Shopping's On-Line Gift Certificate program boosted our revenue during the slow season. For us it was found money!"

-- Tom Conley, CFO
Yankee Whale Watching