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Successive transition from one paradigm to another via revolution is the usual developmental pattern...
Thomas Kuhn

How is the revolution changing you and your organization?

All the stakeholders in your company — customers, vendors, shareholders, employees and the community at large — are counting on you to be on the cutting edge of the new media revolution.

Why Choose Van Ness Group?
Our Holistic Approach to
Highly Successful Projects  

  • Ingenious Web & Social Media Marketing Campaigns combined with traditional and viral PR enhance your brand, drive traffic to your Web site and profit to your bottom line. You will get very high return on investment in a matter of weeks.
  • Stunning visuals, captivating copy, music & video will embody the spirit of your organization and bring your New Media presence to life through a compelling, multi-sensory experience for your audience.

Full-Service Web, Social Media, Marketing & PR Firm

We at Van Ness Group have been building successful New Media Marketing and PR campaigns that deliver business value to our customers since 1998, when our founder (Peter Van Ness) predicted that in five years time nearly every company would either have a Web site or wish they did.

Now that his prediction has come to pass and New Media have become a fact of life, we draw on our decades of experience in software development, social media, viral marketing and PR to provide our clients with successful New Media development, marketing and PR services.

PR, Web and Social Media Marketing Success

More than mere search engine optimization (SEO), our comprehensive New Media Marketing/PR campaigns use Web, social media, cause-related sponsorship, traditional & viral marketing and PR to enhance our clients' brands, drive qualified traffic to their sites and revenue to their businesses while allowing them to cut their advertising budgets — some by as much as 2/3.

We used the latest search marketing techniques, combined with a viral-grass-roots social media campaign, cause marketing and PR to launch gimmesound.com, the new music pipeline. For a tiny fraction of what most music industry ventures spend, we attracted millions of visitors in less than 6 months. More success stories.

For concerts and festivals we offer full event promotion, programming, production and sponsorship. In September 2010, we produced the highly successful, critically acclaimed Celebrate Gloucester.

We bring decades of business experience and marketing specialists to the task of developing a New Media marketing campaign that begins with a comprehensive analysis of your market(s) and your competition. Our thorough research and analysis enable us to match the right mix of marketing opportunities with your marketing budget.

In order get the most from new media, you need to take advantage of many marketing strategies, including site optimization, social media, newsletters, press releases, Google AdWords, free Web listings, paid listings, media trades, sponsorships and viral & cause-related marketing.

Van Ness Group is uniquely qualified to provide all of these services, which is why our clients continue to enjoy revenue growth and increased traffic even in tough economic times.

We measure our success by YOUR increased traffic
and revenue. Here are just a few examples:
  • We launched gimmesound.com in April 2009 on a shoestring budget and it is now one of the fastet growing new music discovery and distribution sites on the Web with cost-effective online advertising.
  • We have gotten several Boston area businesses, that had previously been invisible on the web, onto the first page of Google search results for the most popular search phrases related to their businesses.
  • Less than a month after launching a new Cape Ann Travel Web Site for the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce (north of Boston, MA), it soared to the top of Google organic listings for travel related terms, and on July 3, 2005 received over 3 times the number of visits it was typically receiving before its renovation.

    Today it has become Cape Ann's premier Web site, ranking at the top of search engine results for all local travel and turism related terms as well as over 100 business categories. (For example, search Google for "art galleries cape ann" or "diners gloucester ma".)
  • Our client MyStockOptions.com is among the top 3 in Google's organic search results for the term "stock options" and CyclocrossWorld is number 2 or 3 for the word "cyclocross". They both maintain their positions using our Dynamic Content Publishing System to keep their content fresh all year round.
  • In 2006, clients of companies, such as Traffic Power, found themselves removed from Google's index. By contrast our clients' positions improved.
  • Many companies who promise top Google placement saw their clients' sites vanish from Google search results in November and December 2003. But all of our clients' search engine rankings survived the shake up — most were improved.

    When choosing a Web marketing partner, you must be extremely careful to find a company that employs solid business methods and technical best practices. Van Ness Group is such a company.
  • Back in 2002, our Web marketing campaign increased Web-based revenue for Yankee Whale Watch and Deep Sea Fishing by an astounding factor of 20 over the prior year — and that was during the worst tourist season in a decade.

    Today Yankee Fleet's Web site brings in the majority of their new business. Plus their sales continue to grow while most of their competition is flat. Most importantly, they cut their ad budget by 2/3.

    Our Gift Certificate program is generating substantial "found money" according to their CFO.
  • Using our exclusive One Touch Shopping ™ e-commerce system, Nantucket Chocolatier immediately increased their average order size by 25%. Their revenue doubled the next year and continues to climb. All this for a tiny fraction of what their competition pays.
  • We transformed Calypso Hurricane from an obscure calypso group into one of New England's most popular (and most expensive) wedding and party bands.

What can We Do for You?

Whether you want to build a new Web site, market the one you have, lower your costs or grow your business, you are much more likely to be successful with Van Ness Group as your partner.

We'll start by helping you answer Six Vital Questions:

  1. Why should I undertake this project?
    (or what do I wish to accomplish?)
  2. When must it be ready?
  3. Whom do I serve?
  4. What impression do I want to make on them?
  5. How should they act once I have their attention?
  6. Where do I commit my precious resources?

You could skip this step. You could also go to those who specialize in some narrow area, such as content, design, marketing or technology. You might even finish your initial project for less.

If, however, you want to create a truly extraordinary experience for your audience, while directly enhancing your bottom line, you need the synergy found at Van Ness Group, Inc. — an inspired coterie of artistic talent, technical expertise and business savvy.

Check out our work and see what we mean. Then Contact us to learn how we can help you with your project. We will visit you soon and spend some time with you, your staff and any other stakeholders you feel are meaningful to your organization — and if we feel that working together would benefit you, we'll come back.

Van Ness Group Development Process

Masters of marketing, social media, design, audio and video production, communications, technology and project management will guide you through an inspiring journey.

Some say Web development is half art, half science and half business -- requiring you to give 150% to get it done right. We find the mix -- and the priorities -- differ with each client. Perhaps that's one reason why, although we work very hard, we have lots of fun.

After answering the Six Vital Questions, others may arise. You may feel the need for us to help you create a project plan or, if the project is well enough defined, you may prefer that we give you a fixed price quote.

Either way, once we have a feel for your operation and fully understand your needs, we will realize goals, together, that may lie far above your current expectations. Moreover, we will achieve these goals within a realistic budget and time-line that is under your control.

Get Going Today

Does this flexible, common sense approach appeal to you? If so, call us now (978.525.9093) or use our convenient on-line form.

We'd love to have an introductory dialogue with you and explore ways that will help you harness the power of new media for the benefit of all your stakeholders.

In 1998, our CEO, Peter Van Ness, predicted that within 5 years time every business would either have a Web site or wish they did. People snickered

Predictions for the future of the Internet
Once his predictions came to pass and the Internet became a fact of life, Peter was asked by the Pew Internet & American Life Project to be part of an elite group of Internet experts and share his predictions for the future of the Internet itself. (more)

I'm extremely pleased with CapeAnnVacations.com. It's powerful, easy to use and embodies the spirit of our community.