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The medium is the message.
Marshall McLuhan

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High-Impact Web Productions
A variety of video, animation, music, sound effects, voice-over and dynamic copy are expertly crafted together into unique Web experiences that captivate the audience.

gimmesound.com In 2009 we launched gimmesound.com, the New Music Pipeline supporting thousands of independent musicians, with free, legal music downloads and online advertising.

Fly AmeroFly Amero of the band Orleans
We launched a new Web site for national recording artist Fly Amero just in time for Orleans' 2008 European Tour.

Fly's new site offers stunning photos by his wife, Donna, along with full discography, biography, mailing list, touring info, CD sales and downloads, photos and video.

Premier Travel Web Site

We completely overhauled the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce's tourism site, combining breathtaking visuals and powerful search, sort and select features with a highly intuitive design to produce one of the Web's premier travel sites.

Launched in June 2005, the new Web site and accompanying Web application replaced several legacy systems previously maintained on in-house servers. Today, using one intuitive Web-based interface, Chamber staff have total, instantaneous control over visuals, content and membership information, thereby dramatically reducing errors, overhead and technology costs.

Acclaimed Photographer Tim PetersMultimedia Photo Essay of Grand Manan Stunning images from acclaimed photographer Tim Peters are showcased in multimedia preview of his award-winning book, Rhythm of the Tides.

Team Support System Web SiteFor the Team Support System Web Application, we created two product demos using Flash animation, music, sound-effects and voice-over.

Facility PossibilitiesFacility Possibilities incorporates live-action video with vector animation, photos and dynamic text for an unusual, dramatic effect.

   AoIR Presentation
AoIR Presentation
Projected onto the giant auditorium screen at the MECC Congress Centre in Maastricht, this New Media Production introduced our creative demonstration of how the Internet is transforming our consciousness, for the third annual international conference of
The Association of Internet Researchers.

Click here to see the new media intro to our demonstration. Watch out! It takes over your screen. So turn up your speakers, sit back and relax. Click on Close when it's done.

Amazing Gourmet ChocolateIn 2003, award-winning Nantucket Chocolatier asked us to transform their Web site.

Mouthwatering flash movies, stunning photos, and our One Touch Shopping™ e-commerce system elevated their Web presence to a level worthy of their inspired artistic flair and increased their average Web order by nearly 25%.

See more High-Impact Web Productions

Music, Theatre, Dining and AdventureEntertaining Web Sites for People Who Entertain
See a small selection of Web sites we've built for those engaged in the business of entertaining us -- music, theatre, dining and adventure tourism.

Real Estate and TourismVirtual Tours Extend Your Reach
Our clients' success in attracting qualified buyers and selling property is enhanced through our custom built virtual tours. Take a tour yourself.

Record-Keeping, Calculators and Modeling Tools
At Van Ness Group, members of the same team that invented on-line trading for employee stock options in the late 1990s now build sophisticated calculators, modeling tools and record-keeping systems for the worlds largest financial institutions.

One of the 50 Most Useful Sites Ever - PC World
In 2000, we built myStockOptions.com, which was featured in the February 4, 2004 issue of Business Week as offering "a slew of educational materials ... record keeper and options calculator." Business Week also pointed out that "[myStockOptions] has kept growing while some rivals went dark."

Selected by PC World as one of the 50 most useful sites ever, myStockOptions.com has become the Web's most comprehensive, respected, and frequently visited resource on stock compensation for employees and executives and famous for it's powerful, flexible, easy-to-use Record-keeping, Calculators and Modeling Tools.

Over the past few years, Van Ness Group has integrated these tools into the global financial services Web sites for major financial institutions, whom we continue to serve, including:
  Computershare formerly Equiserve - Employee Plan Services
  among the top 15 largest bank holding companies in the country
  among the largest personal trust providers in the USA

Secure, Private Intranets for Fortune 100 Companies
Decades of experience building custom software make Van Ness Group the perfect partner to fill the IT gap in large corporations looking to build private intranets and Web applications. We are extremely efficient and work in concert with your IT team to deliver the specific expertise you need to complete your project successfully.

Because these Web applications are private, we can't show them to you here. You can, however, visit the public Web sites of some of our largest clients, including:
$50 billion Health Care Company and One of the largest companies on Earth

Pioneers of Web Development
Since 1998, Van Ness Group, Inc. has been helping people (from small, family business owners to senior executive at the largest companies on Earth) harness the power of new media for the benefit of themselves, their customers, partners, investors, employees — indeed, all of their stakeholders.

One of our secrets is that we integrate our sophisticated systems for managing content and user data into our Web sites and Web applications. Combined with a custom designed, multi-sensory user interface and intuitive, easy-to-use management tools, we can deliver the most powerful and flexible entertainment, e-commerce Web sites and Web applications available today.

This enables us to offer you rapid development of extremely high quality, high-production-value, content-rich Web spaces for much less than you might expect to pay.

Our clients represent a diverse group of successful people and organizations, involved in a mélange of pursuits, who all share a single, vital quality. They recognize the power of new media and are determined to put it to good use.

For a more complete list of clients and more samples of our work, contact us now. We would love to show you how you can seize the power of the Web for yourself.

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